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Interpretation Signs

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Interpretation signs: "NF" is the word "South" referred to the Chinese pinyin, the main form of italics Huanhua "L" shape is the English logistics (LOGISTICS) the short term, to show "South of the logistics" of the enterprise name ; Italics left "L" is in fact the shape of the hands of child care, as South implication for the logistics to customer demand-oriented operating philosophy and customer commissioned by the increase of goods protected theerviceconcept. "F" upward Huanhua the shape of the implied meaning enterprises based on long-term planning and the development of positive and progressive ideas, but also with the "service indefinitely" by echoing the slogan. The main corporate logo and name in both English and Chinese-◎ portfolio, said corporate commitment to build "the global supply chain" of advanced services platform for customers and production manufacturing supply chain integration to provide comprehensive logistics services purpose.











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