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Integrated logistics
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After more than 10 years of rapid development and construction, logistics enterprises in the South Group has become the domestic logistics network of the most successful areas of operation, the most competitive one of the private logistics enterprises. Have nationwide coverage of the logistics and distribution network throughout the country, set up more than 40 branches and offices, with more than 30 long-term customers. By road, rail, sea, air and multimodal transport means to provide door-to-door logistics, transport services and to provide supporting production base warehouse operator services, customer distribution centers around the country to provide warehouse management and distribution services.

Holding companies and subsidiaries → Guangdong Southern Logistics Ltd. → south of Guangdong Investment Limited Southern Guangdong → Trade Logistics Ltd. → Guangzhou Po-South Logistics Ltd. → southern city of Shenzhen Logistics Limited → Zhongshan City, south Logistics Ltd. → South Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. → South Logistics (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. → South Logistics (Xinjiang) Co., Ltd. → South Logistics (Hong Kong) Ltd. → Chengdu South Logistics Limited → Zhengzhou City Southern Logistics Ltd. → Huizhou up to the warehouse Ltd. → on Hainan Fang Logistics Ltd.


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