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Integrated logistics
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One of our core competence is Supply Chain Management(SCM). Nowadays the competition transforms to Supply Chain-to-Supply Chain from Company-to-Company. The company participates in the supply chain with larger scale and higher efficiency.  

Consequently its ability to compete and survive will be stronger. Our persisting and extensive efforts on reducing supply chain cost enable us to be the leading service provider in this field.

Our experienced professionals can offer the best solution reintegrating your supply chain that fits your requirements and reflects your business model. Let us make your supply chain efficient and cost effective. We will give you 3PL services with Right Time, Right Place, Right Quality, Right Quantity & Right Price. 

ey technologies:
1. DRP-Distribution Requirements Planning
2. MRPⅡ-Manufacturing Resource Planning
3. ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning)Reengineering
4. CRM-Customer Relationship Management
5. JIT-Just-in-Time
6. EDI-Electronic Data Interchange 


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