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Integrated logistics
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An integral part of our business infrastructure solution is regional、city distribution. Other than direct transportation in central cities, South Logistics also provides door-to-door distribution services in provinces and other cities.  

While few 3PLs are willing to do business in raw material logistics and finished goods distribution in city, we are focused on managing clients’raw material logistics and supporting B to B, B to C clients. In central city of RDC, we provide 24 hours delivery services to match with client zero inventory goal. Furthermore, we offer a range of value-added services suited to your specific requirements.
Our solution for RDC and transferring warehouse inventory system makes our client expand business on low-cost with low-risk on its service range and goods distribution space. It has already formed an extensive network. Whether you are the large customer or the smallest, we all provide the kind of individual, personal attention that every client expects and deserves. 


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