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Guangdong South Logistics Group is one of the second batch of national “AAAAA-level integrated logistics” enterprises. After nearly thirty years of development, the group has moved forward from traditional logistics to focusing on the traditional industrial genes of the enterprise, taking "Internet plus" and big data as the core driving force of the enterprise development and innovation, and building “full coverage platform of warehousing industry chain” as the enterprise development strategy, realizing deep integration with new retail businesses and logistics, and cooperating with industry 4.0 high-end manufacturing industry chain, forming a comprehensive hardware carrier platform integrating e-commerce, data center, efficient logistics and intelligent manufacturing as well as providing complete supply chain operation and management services. In addition, the group has actively entered into business complex, education and teaching industries, gradually formed a diversified, large-scale, wide-ranging developed comprehensive group.
At present, South Logistics Group has invested more than 5 billion yuan, and has constructed a number of large-scale industrial parks and logistics parks throughout the country, forming a national logistics operation service network and a micro-ecological system in which the relevant industrial chains traverse in-depth development. Built an e-commerce demonstration base, low-carbon environmental protection park – Zhuangyuan Valley ("one of the first batch of national e-commerce demonstration bases", "one of the first batch of national smart logistics distribution demonstration parks", "national demonstration logistics park", "provincial modern service industry clusters", " provincial low-carbon demonstration park", "provincial and strategic new industrial base”, etc.; created an innovative, low-carbon, shared, and intelligent industrial ecosystem – Nanxiang Valley (national demonstration logistics park, provincial and municipal key project); established a high-end intelligent urban complex that integrates leisure, entertainment, shopping, office and residence – G1 Fenghui Square; set up education in the old revolutionary district of Jiangxi, and gave back to the society – the founding of Taihe Southern Longjiang Experiment School. In the future, South Logistics will:
Embrace the new era, with honesty as the cornerstone, innovation as the engine, and uphold the great Chinese dream with real actions;
Carry forward new dreams, with culture as the bond, capital as the sail, and open up the comprehensive logistics to empower ourselves;
Welcome the new atmosphere, take wisdom as coordinate, win-win as the purpose, and strengthen the foundation and layout a new chapter!
Part of the Honour


  • ▲ 1992年,南方工贸东莞公司成立;
  • ▲ 1993年,与TCL、长虹、康佳等电子企业达成全面合作;


  • ▲ 1998年,广州南方物流公司成立;东莞南方物流公司成立;
  • ▲ 1999年, 广州TCL南方物流公司成立;投资兴建东莞物流基地;投资兴建惠州物流基地;


  • ▲ 2000年,构筑供应链和物流信息平台,完善物流供应链一体化服务;
  • ▲ 2003年,投资兴建无锡物流基地;完善物流供应链平台,开展国际合作,提供全球物流供应链一体化服务;


  • ▲ 2004年,投资兴建广州云埔物流基地;被评为“中国物流示范基地”;构建校企合作新模式——成立南方物流学院;
  • ▲ 2005年,广东南方物流集团成立;


  • ▲ 2006年,被评为“国家AAAAA综合服务型物流企业”;与亚马逊达成合作,亚马逊在南方物流基地建立华南运营中心;
  • ▲ 2009年—2010年,“广州2010年亚运会综合物流独家供商”,为广州亚运会、亚残运会提供全面物流服务;


  • ▲ 2012年,投资打造“状元谷电子商务产业园”,被商务部评定为首批国家电子商务示范园区;
  • ▲ 2013年,投资兴建东莞G1蜂汇商业综合体;


  • ▲ 2015年,联合共建跨境电商监管中心,开展跨境贸易电商运营服务;
  • ▲ 2016年,投资兴建南方龙江实验学校;


  • ▲ 2017年,被国家发展改革委、国土资源部、住房和城乡建设部评为全国示范物流园区;
  • ▲ 2018年,倾力打造南香谷多产业格局全新动能的生态产业园区。


  • ▲ 2019年,与中信产业基金、浩云网络共同建设“浩云网络南香谷云基地”
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