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Scientific Incubation
The “Zhuangyuan Valley E-Commerce Incubator” aims to provide entrepreneurial and innovative services for small and micro enterprises in the base, provide free conference, exhibition, report and other venue services for settled enterprises in the base, and assist resident enterprises to solve other problems encountered in the process of operation. At present, e-commerce enterprises in incubation centers involve Internet finance, cross-border e-commerce, self-media, micro-commerce, intelligent hardware, e-commerce services and other types.
  • In order to help entrepreneurs achieve entrepreneurship and employment, South Logistics will build a first-class entrepreneurship mentor platform, cloud integrated successful entrepreneurs, experts and scholars through a variety of ideas to guide, a variety of formal channels to help entrepreneurs achieve entrepreneurship and innovation.
    Entrepreneurial Mentor
  • In order to provide more specialized and refined services to incubating enterprises, the operation agencies of the e-commerce incubator in Zhuangyuan Valley, relying on the leading enterprises, universities, scientific research institutions, government agencies and other innovative forces of the e-commerce incubator in Zhuangyuan Valley, cooperate to carry out collaborative innovation research, establish a collaborative innovation platform, and provide high-efficiency for the development of incubating enterprises. Policy support services to help enterprises solve various problems encountered in management.
    Industry-University-Research Cooperation
    Industry University
  • Providing innovation and entrepreneurship fund with the mission of cultivating entrepreneurship environment, sowing entrepreneurship seeds and stimulating entrepreneurship power. Support entrepreneurship practice, cultivate entrepreneurship talents and disseminate entrepreneurship culture in an all-round way.
    Innovation Venture Fund.
    Innovation and
  • Faced with the development trend of the industry, South Logistics has carried out service mode innovation, enhanced service functions, further increased the added value to services, excavated the breadth and depth of extendable services, and strived to create integrated solutions: setting layout and innovating in terms of intensive service platform, upgrading of supporting service facilities and equipment, professional support of warehousing facilities and equipment, human resources and service support, training and activity organization, etc.
    general Service
    general Service
  • At present, all kinds of public supporting service facilities of Zhuangyuan Valley e-commerce incubator have been built and put into use. It has complete business incubator functions. The park has a good entrepreneurial atmosphere, and plays a leading role in entrepreneurship and innovation of surrounding areas.
    Incubation Activities
    Incubation activity
1. Entrepreneurship counseling: entrepreneurship counseling, policy counseling, Procedure Agent
2. Management consulting: financial agency, legal consulting, patent service
3. Communication training: management training, technical exchange, expert consultation
4. Project promotion: result display, project declaration, press release
5. Marketing: exhibition and conference, product docking, information consultation
6. Financing investment: bank-enterprise docking, incubation fund, venture capital
7. Talent introduction: school-enterprise cooperation, headhunting service, talent recruitment
8. Professional services: technical platform, inspection and testing, technical alliance
9. Infrastructure: office space, business meeting affairs, property services
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