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Commercial Complex
Commercial Complex
G1 Fenghui is located in the center of Dongguan Nancheng Headquarters Base. It is built by South Logistics Group(?) with a total construction area of 200,000 square meters. It consists of 45,000 square meters of intelligent shopping mall - Fenghui, 15,000 square meters of situational commercial blocks, 48,000 square meters of palace-level apartments (CEO Mansion, YOHO Commune), 175-meter-high 5A Class A office building - the International Service and Trade Center. O2O online and offline intelligent services are adopted to provide a high-end intelligent urban complex of leisure, entertainment, shopping, office and residence for the headquarters business circle. Fenghui Plaza has introduced the first Wanda IMAX cinema in Nancheng, Yonghui BRAVO boutique supermarket, international fast fashion MJstyle brand flagship store, and AEON Molly Fantasy children's theme park, etc..
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