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Cloud Warehouse and Cold Chain Center
Cloud Warehouse and Cold Chain Center
South Logistics Cloud Warehouse will apply new information technology means, customize and develop cloud warehouse system, which has the characteristics of complete structure, thorough functions, strong extensibility, high safety performance, and create a warehousing operation team with a high matching degree with informatization, strong service capability and precise execution, comprehensively enhance the warehousing operation service level, exploit small and medium-sized client market, serve warehousing enterprises, and close the small loop with customers, logistics companies and other service organizations in the supply chain, significantly improve client efficiency and cost advantage, form a flexible, convenient and cohesive warehousing storage service mode with highly integrated resources.
The cold chain center is planned to combine with cloud warehouse technology, orient social service, build a sound logistics information network with complete cold chain logistics function, and ambient temperature corresponding to the requirements of different items. Through the centralized processing of processing, storage, and logistics of the cold chain logistics center, effectively improve the high efficiency guarantee of cold-chain-end to retail-end, save the processing space and human resources space of cold chain logistics, build innovation empowered cold chain supply-end services, throughout supply chain efficiency improvement and data reengineering, help retailers realize the transformation and upgrade via the optimal path, and increase their profitability.
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